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Matteo's Holiday Flavours, Variety Pack, 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, Keto Friendly (6 Flavors)

  • Enjoy a Variety of our Top 6 Holiday Flavors: Matteo's coffee syrups are inspired by your favorite coffee shop, enjoy a sugar free syrup for coffee at home or at work!
    • 1 x Gingerbread
    • 1 x Eggnog
    • 1 x Peppermint Mocha
    • 1 x White Chocolate
    • 1 x Toasted Marshmallow 
    • 1 x Peppermint
  • SUGAR FREE HEAVEN: Your coffee upgraded...your coffee will never taste this good! Just add a small splash of Matteo's to your coffee, stir and enjoy!

  • KETO SYRUP: Matteo's coffee syrups has no added sugars and has 0 carbs, making it the perfect keto friendly addition to your coffee.

  • THIN SYRUP: Upgrade your routine with our sugar free syrups for coffee! Our coffee syrup has 0 calories and 0 added sugars!